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Corporate Professionality, Technical Know-How and Fitness Trainer Energy

Workshop Formats

I design tailored workshops for your various use cases. There's one thing all fromats have in common: Contagious Energy, Unlocked Creativity and rigorous Business Problem Solving

Design Thinking 101

A 1 hour problem solving gym for your team. Let everyone experience the power of their individual and collective creativity to open the avenues for innovation in your department.

Flow & Clarity with Lego Serious Play

Uncover your complex business challenges using Lego Serious Play. We translate their implication into your daily linear thinking and define a concrete plan of action.
(Best for Startups & R&D's)

Tailored Design Sprint

Bring your case to this Design Sprint which is tailored to your current project phase. Next to advancing your project I will assist you in getting the most out of your team and strengthening your creative collaboration.

Case Studies

In my design blog I've documented several workshops that I  gave to clients and local communities


Jim Ekanem helping a group of people during a large workshop


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